Would your Distribution Center Win Best in Design?

As Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not what it looks like. Design is how it works.” So when we ask, would your distribution center or warehouse win best in design, the real question becomes, is your facility designed to succeed in meeting your 2017 objectives?

Clearly the designing phase of establishing a production system is the most important since most of the strategic and tactical decisions take place during this phase. While several academic studies seek to find a one size fits all solution to warehouse design, each industry and facility offers unique opportunities and challenges.

Despite the necessity to create custom designs to meet specific objectives, a general guideline keeps management on task when making crucial decisions. As reported by MHLnews.com (Material Handling & Logistics), there are seven essential steps in redesigning a warehouse.

  1. Identify and Document Areas for Improvement
  2. Gather Facility Information and Data
  3. Analyze Collected Data
  4. Develop a Thorough Plan
  5. Plan the Implementation Process
  6. Conduct a Post-Project Review

Throughout our 10 years in partnering with operational facilities, we have seen over and over how the smallest adjustments of motion or placement can dramatically impact bottom line results. Conversely, we have seen how the refusal to “switch things around” stifles a company’s ability to meet their objectives.

At one large distribution center for SONY, we found by rethinking the production flow we could not only improve productivity but improve space utilization by 30% saving the need for outside overflow space.


nGROUP Executives will be attending the RILA conference February 12-15. If you would like to schedule an appointment during the conference to discuss 2017 facility design trends, our contact information is below or simply respond to this email. Don’t want to wait until February? Give us a call for a brief phone conversation prior to the conference. See you in Orlando.  

About nGROUP As an on-site insourcing partner, nGROUP works with companies in a consulting or vested partnership relationship. For over 10 years, the nGROUP Performance System has been adopted by executives and managers in labor intensive industries to meet and exceed corporate objectives. NPS consistently outperforms other methods, increasing productivity, quality, and morale, and reducing labor costs by a minimum of 10-25%.