nGROUP Recommendation Letter



To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to offer a recommendation of nGROUP’s management services.

I was heavily involved with nGROUP throughout their time working with Crunch Pak. Their team is uniquely knowledgeable about our industry, the application of Lean, Continuous Improvement and addressing production challenges associated with our more manually intensive processes.

Crunch Pak has had workforce related issues that have adversely affected our manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, our business has grown rapidly, we’ve experienced turnover in our management team, and competitive pressures have increased.

nGROUP not only brought fresh ideas to the table and offered us insights into our managerial process that had been faltering, but added stability and resources to help drive improvements while we focused on the day-to-day. I found nGROUP P complemented and enhanced our operation and stimulated new ways of thinking about our business and driving results.

nGROUP’s team, including Jim Rossini, Jim Daniels and Brian Sessions, effectively diagnosed many of our communication, leadership and productivity problems and were able to develop tools that enabled the front line leadership of the plant to run their business more effectively.

The assessment of our operation and the ensuing planning, development and implementation of tools and methodologies were performed flawlessly. Adding nGROUP to our ongoing efforts enhanced our operation throughout multiple areas.

nGROUP was key to the development of our Continuous Improvement Team, which had not existed prior to engaging them. They have been able to train and mentor our leadership throughout the company to engage in the business and develop solutions to problems to drive results.

Should you engage nGROUP in the future, I am certain you will have a similar experience. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Todd Dank