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Seek Feed Back From Employees

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Want to improve efficiency?  Simply ask and LISTEN. Whether you need to create a formula for measuring productivity or you are seeking to find methods for increasing your productivity, ask the “front line,” the “top line,” and everyone in the middle.  If you want your team to work as a team, act like a member of the team by listening to your team.

Track & Post Productivity

Track teams per week, month, and year.  Anyone or any team can have a slow day, but by accumulating a team’s monthly average productivity, we give the teams time to improve their efficiency and productivity numbers.

By tracking AND posting productivity results on a consistent basis, our teams can visually see and understand where they stand in relation to their goals.  Only through consistently posting their productivity results, are workers able to see results and reestablish goals.  By showcasing results, we are able to motivate and hold workers and teams accountable – often times without speaking one negative word.  The results speak for themselves.

– Anthony Coon, nGROUP