2017 Supply Chain Trends

Achieve More By Doing Less

Often our New Year resolutions have more to do with our personal lifestyle choices than it does our business related choices. Regardless, the objective is the same – to implement and reap the benefits of positive change.   As we begin the New Year, have you considered how to facilitate positive change for your labor-intensive operations?

In the weeks leading up to the Retail Supply Chain Conference, we are going to share some information about implementing process improvements based on the latest trends and technology. Below is a list of topics that we will explore. We hope this information provides useful information that results in not just meeting 2017 expectations – but exceeding those expectations.

  • New Year, New Energy: Positive change requires positive energy. How are you going to create positive energy amongst your managers and workers?
  • Distribution Center Design: Would your facility win best design and what would it look like?
  • Human Ergonomics: Have you observed the efficiency of your worker’s movements on a granular level?
  • On-Trend or Trend-Setting: Is your distribution center poised to implement acceptable improvements or are you seeking to go beyond the range of acceptability?
  • Finding the Right Fit: What is out of date in your warehouse? Is there a better fit or an improved flow that you can implement during 2017? Does you labor supplier still meet your needs? Can you do less to achieve more?

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Retail Supply Chain Conference in Orlando and

Happy New Year!