Details Do Matter

You hear all the time, don’t sweat the small stuff as it really does not make an impact in a business. I beg to differ.  At nGROUP, we are a company that works with distribution and manufacturing companies that have manually intensive processes.  That means that at nGROUP, we are masters as looking at the details of all processes and utilize engineering and six sigma techniques to improve performance.  We do not say work harder, we say work smarter.


Here is a great example of this.  nGROUP has a customer in distribution.

11-16-2015 9-16-31 AM

Notice the markings for where the trash can was placed. There were a total of 30 trash cans placed like this.


nGROUP noticed that the trash cans at the end of the tables partially obstructed a potential walkway and moved them. This new location improved productivity and decreased travel time for all of the intake positions in receiving. Additionally, there were safety benefits from decreasing the daily walking distance. By moving the trash cans about two feet, it would open up another clear pathway that would save them about 10 feet of walking, probably 100x a day. This elimination of waste translated into saving significant time and dollars for all in receiving and nGROUP’s customer.


So you see minor details DO make a difference!